Bombay Boheme-Yavasura

Craft Pilsner? Hell yes! Bombay Boheme is just that.

Brewing a craft pilsner was a no-brainer. Our grandfather, a chartered accountant, used to audit a brewery. Since our childhood (way before the idea of Yavasura even was born), hops and cold rooms took up a good part of childhood stories. He loved his beers and always preferred the pilsner (not that there were any other styles available back then).

Bombay Boheme is a tribute to our grandfather- a whimsy bohemian personality who lived in Bombay. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to drink this one. However, we’ve had some early Yavasura beers with him and our dad- great conversations, good music and delicious food.

This pilsner is from the Czech region and has a slight spicy aroma from the Saaz hops.


Beer Style
Bohemian Pilsener
Clear, pale yellow
Slight spice
3 of 5 hops (278 x 60)
Beer Style
Bohemian Pilsener
Clear, pale yellow
Slightly spicy
4 of 5 hops (278 x 60)
Crisp and clean
Wheat allergen
Best Enjoyed with
Fried Bombay Duck, Mutton Ghee Roast, Grilled Fish
Best enjoyed with
Crisp and clean, light bodied
Wheat allergen
Bombay duck fried, grilled fish, mutton ghee roast
Bombay Boheme
Bombay Boheme in a glass
Bombay Boheme Growler

Notable Features & Reviews:

“It’s more than two years that I am drinking UtopIPA on regular basis. First time I had back in back in August 2019, I knew Pune got a IPA that deserves! Like a classic IPA it’s hoppy, fruity; but my favourite part is the faint and lingering malty sweetness that it leaves behind!
Availability in growler means I could enjoy it at comfort of home whenever I want.”

DEVILS_PLATE (Sinchita) says:

“My introduction to Yavasura was with Bridge to UtopIPA and now, for me, it is synonymous with bliss. Because to be frank, I have not had such a beautiful IPA anywhere.

The tropical notes just hit it right. I love the spunky bitter aftertaste which is a hard thing to find in IPAs these days. This IPA is craft in its true form and definitely pure art in a glass! My ideal weekend is always a visit to Boteco, glasses of utopIPA and some lovely Jambalaya!”

AMEYA (Yes, one of the founders) says:

“We had gotten a few people who had reviewed Bridge to UtopIPA, which we could have very well posted, but I was not going to not have my name not associated with this amazing beer.

It is such a delicious beer- the bitterness is gently balanced with the caramelly notes of the malt. Overall, the balance just makes you go for one more drink.”