Style Information:

Style: Witbier

Appearance: Pale golden yellow in colour, slightly hazy, thick mousse-like off-white head

Aroma: Sweet orange-like aroma with hints of coriander

Flavour: Smooth and refreshing, there is a prominent orange flavour. Finishes dry with coriander aromas that linger. Low to no bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and smooth, lightly acidic and highly effervescent.

Food Pairing:


Fried finger foods


Mild chicken based dishes

Mild vegetarian curries, preferably soy based


Sponge cakes


Why the name?

We are passionate about dogs- and we wanted to do something about it. There are a lot of stray dogs that need our attention and this beer intends to help them something. This style being our flagship style, it is brewed the most and is year round. For every liter sold, we pay Rs. 3 (more than 1% of our revenue) toward helping strays. The counter below shows the amount of beer sold!

Updated monthly: last updated 31 March, 2020

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      When we started homebrewing, this was a style that was the most popular among the craft breweries present. It was an easy drinking beer- and without the prominent hop bitterness, it was a great beer for the budding craft beer audience. It was tricky to decide if we should make it, but experiencing the witbiers from Ommegang, Allagash and Kiuchi Brewery, we realized that there was so much more that we could offer as a brewery.

      Partha started reading a lot about this particular style, and started to make the Belgian Witbier pilot trials. He probably spent around 2 years to finalize the recipe that we produce now. But, he’s constantly making subtle changes to recipe to make it better!

      As a result of studying so much about this recipe, did he think of using basil and peppercorns in his other signature style- the Basil Peppercorn Witbier.


      A twist to the standard Witbier, this crowd-favorite wheat beer is aromatic and light– making it a refreshing hot day beer!

      Inspired by the herbs grown in our terrace garden, we started experimenting with various fragrant thymes, parsley and basil. After narrowing down on the perfect variety of basil, we decided on using peppercorns to balance and complement the flavour and give the beer a complex peppery taste!

      Savor the prominent fragrance of basil, and finish off with a spicy, yet subtle tingling sensation on the palate.


      Beer Style
      Pale golden yellow in colour, slightly hazy, thick mousse-like off-white head
      Sweet orange-like aroma with hints of coriander
      1 of 5 hops (278 x 60)
      Beer Style
      Light Golden Yellow In Colour, Thick Mousse-Like White Head​
      Noticeable basil, hints of clove and peppercorns
      1 of 5 hops (278 x 60)
      Creamy and smooth, lightly acidic and highly effervescent. The peppery aftertaste lingers on for some time.
      Wheat allergen
      Best Enjoyed with
      Fried food! Finger chips, onion rings or fried chicken.
      Best enjoyed with
      Creamy and smooth, lightly acidic and highly effervescent.
      Wheat allergen
      Fried food! French fries, onion rings or fried chicken.
      Basil Peppercorn Witbier- craft beers in India
      Bombay Boheme

      Notable Features & Reviews:

      SHACHI says:
      ” You’ve converted a beer hater ❤️
      Basil peppercorn was amazing!”
      GAMEOFPINTS (Jayesh) says:
      Basil Peppercorn by Yavasura was the most consumed beer by me at Tapped Beer Fest. I just had to go back every time for this one. I tried it several months back for the first time, and I haven’t stopped having it since then.
      A must try! 
      YE_OLDE_SLOB (Adithya) says:
      ” Not my go-to style of beer, but this was probably the best Wit I’ve ever had!”