Beer Tasting Sheet

Beer tasting sheet or beer journaling
Beer Tasting

Why even have a beer tasting sheet, you ask? When you take the first sip of your favourite beer, there are some chemical reactions in your mouth, nose and brain! Your tongue, along with its 2000+ receptors, engages in analyzing the flavours and aroma of the beers. The aromas also can take you down memory lane, sometimes ones that have nothing to do with beer!

There is a difference between drinking and tasting a beer. When we drink (which we do ample of), we don’t necessarily give a lot of thought to understanding the nuances of the beer. But, when we taste a beer, we try to analyze the different aromas of malt, hops and yeast coming together. An experienced taster tries to taste down the individual ingredients and then the beer as a whole.

We made this tasting sheet for our Craft Beer Resolution to help us taste the different styles and analyze them objectively. You can use this sheet to taste your next beer. Don’t worry if you are not an expert- we all have to start somewhere! The sheet aims at helping put the aromas into words.

PS: Serious beer tasters carry their journals to write about their beer experiences.

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